Friday, 16 January 2009

So long Astoria; farewell PUSH Saturdays

Before entering the sticky-floored and dodgy smelling Astoria2 last night, I was trying to think of fitting obituaries for Push and already starting the mourning process for messy Saturday nights on the cheap. Sure, there's probably other club nights with free for students deals but are they as good as Push? Almost certainly not. Thus, the thought of no longer having this weekly indie disco haven to run to struck the fear of God into me and resolutions were quickly made to have one final epic banger of a night out at The Final Push Ever. Luckily, posters inside informed me a new venue that isn't being knocked down to build a fuck off massive train station has been found and Push shall continue forevermore (well, for the forseeable future, at least).
My first Push experience was way back in September 07, when myself and three of the RaG circle attempted and failed to blag our way into The Holloways show next door. Resigned to our fate we set ourselves down on the doorstep of Ghetto (still don't know what lies beyond that door, y'know) and proceeded to do what all underage kids do on a Saturday night in the city, and drank cheap vodka and filled our lungs with smoke. Somehow, from somewhere, Metronomy appeared in a car. The details are hazy. Anyway, after a little chat, those three kind souls offered to put us on the list for their show at Push and so we thought our night was set. Unfortunately, the door staff at Astoria2 are quite vigiliant with their ID checks and so we failed to get in there too. But the glow of the lights reflecting on the mirrored walls and the names on the flyers were enough to make me vow to come back one day.
And come back I did, time and again, taking full advantage of the godsend that was free entry for students before midnight and £2 whiskey and coke deals. I danced to disco hits and 80s indie til my feet were numb and developed a deep love for a number of bands - Bombay Bicycle Club, Video Nasties, Hatcham Social, to name but three - along the way. Push is not just a club night to me, but a part of my musical education.
Recently, I spent my 19th birthday at Push, enraptured by Titus Andronicus and perpetually squealing at every electro-pop future classic banger dropped. That night ended messily - Push nights always end up that way - with me dancing barefoot on the beer soaked floor, swinging invisible gladioli to This Charming Man. At the Dirty Pretty Things aftershow last month, I spent the first hour jumping on one of my RaG co-founders, practically crying with joy every time a new, fabulous song started.
Last night was no different to all those other times. We danced, we drank, we stumbled from room to room talking to boys that make us weak at the knees and bumping into other Push regulars we somewhat awkwardly recognise from huddling together whilst queuing in the cold. There was the usual line up of exciting bands with Loverman, Cajun Dance Party and Good Shoes, the latter of whom had the tiny room 2 absolutely rammed. We danced right next to the speakers and found the cage around the sound desk in the middle of room 1 far too fascinating than could be considered normal. Time flew by and at some early hour of the morning, a dreadlocked reveller decided to climb the rigging and swing his way halfway across the room like a five year old on the monkey bars in the playground. Security grabbed him before he could get past midway and everyone carried on dancing, but with a renewed sense of youthful mischief and a spark in their step. Things carried on until 4am (or just after, who knows. I was too busy cutting some rug to be clock-watching) and then, the final song that shall ever reverberate around Astoria2's dimly lit walls was played. "Do you remember the first time/I can't remember the last time..." seems a fitting way to end it, don't you think?
But wait, it's not the end entirely. No more Astoria2 means no more Push Saturdays. But! Salvation has been found in the form of Fridays at Bar Rumba on Shaftesbury Avenue. First one's on Jan 30th. See you there for more of the same?

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