Saturday, 4 April 2009

If I Follow the Light That I Deem the Brightest... (Update #4)

This week has been action packed. You're in for a long one...

Shows attended this week: 1 - Kieran Leonard at the Gaslight. A fairly quiet night, where Kieran played with no support and, thus, ended up treating us to pretty much every song he's ever written plus a few covers. Lush. Our dear friend Virginia has some videos up here (as well as lots of Carl Barat, Drew McConnell, His Lost Boys etc etc) so go watch them and see what you're missing.

New records listened to: 100000. Well, not quite. But nearly. Lots of new music this week. Toddla T's debut 'Skanky Skanky' is probably going to be my summer album this year. I listened to it whilst walking from Angel to Farringdon and back again in the sun yesterday and it was sunkissed dutty riddim perfection.

I've also been listening to the sampler for 'I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose', aka the long awaited debut from Bombay Bicycle Club. When I first saw them at Camden Crawl, I thought they were a bit boring. Then I saw them at Reading and they were aces. And had a panda dancing onstage with them. The 'How We Are' EP is pretty much flawless and so it seems this album will be too. New single 'Always Like This' is heading straight for the top of my most played on iTunes. Cerys Matthews played it on 6Music the other day so I turned my stereo up way loud and had a little dance. Unfortunately, I then didn't hear the maintenance guy who'd come to descale my shower head knock on my door, unlock it and then open it. Embarrassing.

Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard - 'Em Are I' = fantastic, in case you were wondering. Recommended. Aur Revoir Simone's second album 'Still Night, Still Light' is also off the scale of wonderful. Check out 'Shadows' if you're looking for a new favourite song. I'm only halfway through listening to the new Metric album as well but so far, it's brilliant. And that's coming from someone who isn't normally too fussed with Emily Haines.

Just going back to something I mentioned earlier about Bombay Bicycle Club. Thinking on it, I reckon it wasn't BBC that were boring at Camden Crawl, but rather the crowd. If you consider that there it was an over 18s crowd whereas at Reading, the tent was packed with underagers... well, its kind of obvious isn't it? It seems as soon as you hit 18 you suddenly look down on those younger than you and abhor the idea of looking like you're having fun. I miss being 15 and older folk making snide comments or throwing me dirty looks for daring to get lost in the music. Now, I just feel old at 14+ shows. I'm 19. I think this needs to be rectified.

So, on Wednesday there was the G20 protests. To be honest, I don't really know what its all about; I'm too skint too buy a paper, don't own a TV and would rather waste my time on the net watching trash. Soz. One of RaG went down but left before it got violent. I went on an early morning mission to buy new headphones and then decided to make the most of the sun by taking a walk around Shoreditch. On the way, I inadvertently got caught up with protestors. I got a bit scared, hah. Luckily, I managed to make my escape and carried on upon my way to be ignorant about world politics. I walked up Shoreditch High Street, sat in St Leonard's churchyard for a bit and then wandered the back streets to Columbia Road and then on to Ion Square. Columbia Road is currently my new favourite street. Its got so much character and looks so beautiful in the sun. Two thirds of the Irish RaG contingent are coming over for a few days so I'm taking them down to the flower market. Expect floral gushing next week. Anyway, I quite like the protestors for causing a diversion on my journey home as it meant I got to go via Waterloo Bridge, which always looks at its best when the sun is shining.

Lots to look forward to this week. As previously mentioned, Irish girls are coming over and we have many adventures planned. Johnny Foreigner at Islington Academy on Monday. Official Secrets Act at the Borderline on Wednesday. And then, I'm off back to Essex on Friday for Easter Weekend. Which I'm actually not sure is something to look forward to... hm. At least on the drive there and back I can go past the Bombay Bicycle Club restaurant in Greenwich and laugh to myself. I'm easily amused.

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