Monday, 13 April 2009

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson... & Edie Sedgwick

 Hi hello. Let us introduce you to a couple of new artists we've spent our weekend listening to. 

1. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson 
Like some fucked-up version of Willy Mason infused with all of the angst from early Bright Eyes works, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is our new favourite person. He's chosen super-hip label Transgressive to release his songs over here, further adding to our theory that Transgressive have never released anything other than musical gold. His debut UK single 'Buriedfed' is a hard-hitting account of MBAR viewing his own funeral that demands repeat plays, lights dimming and pillows to be sighed into. 

Listen here

2. Edie Sedgwick 
Not the socialite that died decades ago but a "transgendered reincarnation" of Andy Warhol's friend and muse. Essentially creating forward thinking electro, 'Edie' sounds like the American cousin of our own Selfish Cunt, but with less filth and shock tactics and more focus on art. 'Martin Sheen' and 'Sissy Spacek' are arguably the more coherent of her songs available on her MySpace page, which also details a handful of tiny UK dates including Brixton Windmill. Attend and view something very special indeed. 

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