Sunday, 24 May 2009

Concerning freedom, summer and East End vacuousity


Twenty days and no posts. Sozzzz. Exams and summer fun got in the way a bit. Anyway, exactly 8 months after I moved to the LDN I finished my first year of university. Staring at my desk ticket waiting to be dismissed from my last exam, I realised the exact length of time I've been here. It struck me as a bit weird, but then so did most things, wired as I was on Sainsbury's cheap imitation of Red Bull. 5 cans and only a slight tremor. Couple of days previous, 3 cans of the real thing and some pretty hardcore shakes. Pays to go for the more expensive option, sometimes. 

Anyway. Since being free, and indeed in the period leading up to freedom, many many exciting things have happened. Stag and Dagger for one on Thursday night in my favourite area of London, ShoHo/Hoxditch/the place of ridiculous haircuts and everyone being super-ironic and cool. Love. It. Walking through Hoxton Square after getting our VIP wristbands at my favourite ever church, St Leonard's Shoreditch, two "trend researchers" stopped us and asked if they could take photos of our outfits. Ultimate validation right there. I still can't quite decide if it's better, worse or on a par with the time at Metronomy's show at the Macbeth some girl told me I wore my dress well. Hm. After this excitingly vacuous occurrence, we dined at the Bar & Grill aka one of my favourite places, like ever and then went to the Legion to see Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. Will Blondelle was playing bass, I was a bit distracted and jealous. I interviewed MBAR on Tuesday at the Lexington and he was very lovely. Buriedfed is third most played on my iTunes, and thus I was expecting great, great things from him. Sadly, he wasn't great, just good. I should probably stop thinking everyone and thing is going to be mind-blowingly out of this world. 
Disappointment reigning, we went to the Horse & Groom on Curtain Road in an attempt to watch the Voluntary Butler Scheme, stood there for a second, got fucked off at not being able to get in the room and left for Vibe Bar and the Mae Shi. Saw Veronica and Ximon TEETH!!! before hand, sweated a lot, loved the rainbow sheet perhaps a bit too much, sweated an awful lot more and then rejoiced in the cold cold air outside afterwards. One thing though, why were there only 3 of them? Most importantly, WHERE THE FUCK WAS JEFF AND HIS SHINY KAPPA TRACK JACKET? These, clearly, are very perplexing questions that need answers, goddamnit. Instead of answering them though, we ran back to the Legion to watch Maps, where we found new questions to ponder. Like, what the fuck has happened to Maps? We stayed for about ten seconds, bumped into a very drunk Joe Kruger and legged it over to White Denim at the Bar & Grill so I could forget that the whole Maps fiasco had ever happened. Worked, obviously. 

White Denim, yeah. Had a queue of people down the street trying to get into the show. Wasn't expecting that one. Luckily, our super awesome passes let us skip the queue. I was loving my life at that point. Then there was another queue inside which we couldn't jump and had to stand getting pushed around in for half of WD's set. Yayz. Eventually got in and they were well worth the bruises that appeared the next morning. The next day, I got to interview and assist on a shoot with the boys and, in keeping with their good guy appearances, were lovely as. Good times. 

Now, I'm drinking coke floats, listening to Blur and loving New X in the sun. Quite looking forward to spending the summer here. I bought a book the other day called London: A Social History because I'm a massive geek. But also, the whole preface is about New X (the author grew up here) and there's one comment in it that made me laugh for ages... "No one wants to live in New X Gate". I guess its only funny if you live or have lived here. Or if you're me... but I found it hysterical. It could be worse though, it could be Peckham... 

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