Thursday, 9 July 2009

I am toying with the idea of splitting from RaG.
Last night, after a Maccabees instore and Passion Pit sighting on Bishopsgate, I went to the newly re-opened Garage in Islington for a sort of album launch party in celebration of the release of Bombay Bicycle Club's debut album. Having only ever seen them at festivals (and an instore on Tuesday evening but its pretty much the same as a festival isn't it really? The crowd is never made up completely of dead-on hardcore fans of the band, usually mostly people who want to check them out but don't want to pay on the off-chance they don't like it), last night was my first proper Bombay headline show. I only got there in time to catch the last two songs of Bongo Fury's set but I liked what I heard. Go listen to them here. Thanks.

Anyway. Essentially, the show was one of the best I have seen all year and maybe ever. I'm not sure on that last point but what makes me think it might be is the fact I spent the whole bus journey home itching to write and making creative decisions for my magazine. Sadly, I have no internet access in my room at the moment so I couldn't act on this when I got in. All that thought and desire though was brought on as a result of watching BBC absolutely kill it under the hot stage lights. I think if something can inspire that much creativity and ambition within you then it must be pretty great, right? Right. And I can remember most shows that have had that effect on me, and there's not that many of them, relatively speaking.

I'm considering the name Thamesbeat. You know, like that ill-fated NME scene that all of the bands who were apparently involved with it completely denied the idea that there was such a scene? It seems quite appropriate. I moved to London for the music, all I ever used to dream about was living in London for the music. I don't know. Good name? I'm awful at coming up with names for things. Comments would be welcome. Ta. Anywho. Why not just make a hard copy of RaG? Er, because no one takes us seriously under this moniker. And I very much want people to take me seriously please. Even if I don't, someone else should yes?

Finally. Flashguns new EP Matching Hearts Similar Parts is my new found favourite record of the moment. They're having a launch party tonight at Ginglik in Shepherd's Bush. You should go because I can't. I'm off to Ireland in a matter of hours for Oxegen festival, where upon my return I shall no doubt ramble on more about Bombay Bicycle Club. Sozzzz. xxx

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