Monday, 20 July 2009

What Do I Do Now?


The end is nigh.
At the end of summer, I will no longer post on this here blog so, presumably, it will never see fresh words, attempts at sharp wit (and the subsequent failures) or ramblings about that-band-that-I-love-more-than-life,-yeah? again because NO ONE ELSE EVER POSTS ON HERE. Apart from Kirsty's recent Oxegen review, which you should all read. In effect, its all gone sour. No point in airing dirty laundry on here, but lets just say its not what it once was. The Rent a Groupie dream is done and dusted.

Anyway. That means we have exactly two months and a bit (September counts as summer because I'm a workshy student, mmkay?) to fill this to the rafters with exciting music and beautiful people aka the only two things I ever think about.

Today, we bring you a new Metronomy song concerning the departure of Gabriel Stebbing AND THUS combining my two main thought processes rather neatly. Yayz. What Do I Do Now? is beautiful, almost Knife-esque, like the come down from Nights Out. Mornings After, if you will. Try and make out the lyrics if you like, but don't fool yourself into thinking you can get far. This very nearly made me cry when it was unexpectedly unleashed near the end of the set at Glastonbury. I know, I know, I cry at anything but this is powerful stuff. It'll give you the chills everytime you think of it, let alone listen to it.

Listen here

In a nice inter-connected link, go listen to Stebbing's new band, which, I just relearned, features his BROTHER. I don't know how I didn't process this info months ago when I first read it but flicking through old issues of Kruger, I stumbled back upon that fact and was sent reeling. Amazing. Anyway, Billionaires is like pop gold. I defy you not to at least feel a little bit happy whilst listening to it. Also, at the 1:40ish mark, does anyone else get the urge to do some fight-poppy shouty backing vocals? No? Just me then. Meh. Still. I have just learnt that Your Twenties are playing at the Let's Wrestle album launch in Camden tonight which I was going to attend but now can't because a) I have no bus fare and b) I am ILL. Massively well gutted because now I have to wait until august 4th til I can see them again and I tell you this is not good. I am a YTaholic and I need a fucking fix. Sigh.

Yeah. So listen here and then go find them on twitter and laugh.

Oh yeah, finalement. New issue of Kruger out NOW! Yay.

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