Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Liam Finn @ Whelan's, Dublin 7th December

This was admittedly one of his finest Irish performances yet, his last show after touring worldwide for almost two years. Playing alongside fellow musician Eliza-Jane, Finn captured the audience with an hour and a half of bitter-sweet guitar riffs and frantic drumming from his debut album "I'll be lightning". Accompanied by the appealing vocals of EJ, each tune was executed in Finn's unique style with emphasis on samples and effects. Moments of unpredictable interaction with the crowd, who joined in the vocals of Second Chance, added to the intimate atmosphere of the gig. After a brief and entertaining coversation with the front row concerning his preference of underwear, Finn launched into the mellow chords of Gather to the Chapel.
A highly enjoyable and satisfying performance which left the audience pleading for an encore (which they were given, along with some amusing poetry by Finn's tour manager!) and convinced of the Finn's evident genius as a guitarist, drummer, singer, lyricist and producer.


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