Sunday, 8 March 2009

Emmy the Great @ Crawdaddy, Dublin 7th March

Emmy the Great, accompanied by a full band, brought an extended tour to a close in Crawdaddy, Dublin. After memorable shows in both Belfast and Cork, the band concluded their tour with an unforgettable performance in the intimate surroundings of the Harcourt Street venue.

Renowned for their prominence in the popular London anti-folk scene, the band released their debut album ‘First Love’ in February this year. According to the NME, the album ‘could give Thomas Hardy a run for his money’, and through its honest and candid lyrics, offers fresh view of the world through the eyes of young yet insightful musicians.

Kicking off the set with the single ‘First Love’, the band were enthusiastically received by the crowd. ‘We Almost Had a Baby’ and ‘MIA’ were applauded, following brief anecdotes, as narrated by Emmy, of their seemingly strange visit to Cork! The band played many songs from their debut album, including ‘City Song’ and ‘Easter Parade’ and even presented the audience with a rendition of a Pengilly’s song, as suggested by fiddler Ric. Ending the set with an outstanding encore, the band were met with an appreciative reaction from the fans and the performance was without doubt the perfect conclusion to a successful tour.

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