Friday, 13 March 2009

RaG Weekly Update Nummer Eins

Oh hm. We've been neglecting this blog a tad, haven't we? Sorry. Don't report us to the necessary authorities, yeah? We promise to take better care of it in the future. Starting now.
Its been all go lately for RaG. Somehow we've managed to do reasonably well in our various educational establishments, keep to most of our deadlines for other publications, make our debut on the indie DJ scene, fly across the Irish sea a handful of times and head on a mini-road trip up north, whilst simultaneously being completely out of boxes for most of it. Hence, why this blog hasn't seen much action.

Our first ever RaG DJ set took place at Shoreditch scenester hang-out, The Old Blue Last, last month as Offset took over the downstairs bar. We played a fuckton of tunes, a complete list of which you can find over on the myspace blog.. After we'd finished owning the decks, some guy told us it was the "best DJ set ever". Glowing recommendations and free drinks are our favourite things, so obviously this and Offset's drinks tab made us ridiculously, ridiculously happy. We're keen to do some more spinning of records asap so if you need cheap and cheerful DJs for your party/club night/gig/other shindig, hit us up. When I say cheap, I mean we'll do it for a bottle of vodka, a bottle of rum and some mixer. CHEAP.

If you've looked outside your window lately, you might have noticed the sun's been shining on a much more regular basis of late. This makes RaG happy for a variety of reasons; a) we can wear massive fuck off sunglasses without looking like complete wankers (although the dimmed view of natural light does make me a bit para on occasion that I'm actually be-shaded on a very gloomy day), b) it's almost summer!!, and c) we can coordinate amazing summer outfits to wear whilst listening to our favourite new and old sunkissed songs. Yay!

Talking of the latter, I'm sat here writing this with The Virgins entered in the search box on the Hype Machine, wishing the clouds would fuck off away from New Cross for 3 minutes at least. Please? Teen Lovers is making me think of beach scenes in 80s New Romantic videos. If there was sand anywhere near here, I would go frolic on it in my flip flops and new dress that is more revealing than first thought, with this blaring from some old school ghetto blaster.

Summer summer summer. Not long to go. I don't know about you, but as soon as January comes I start making plans for warmer months. Don't get me wrong, winter is aces as, but nothing beats watching the sun set at 9:30pm in the middle of a field with your closest friends. This year is all about working at festivals. Since becoming a fully-fledged tax-dodging work-shy student, I'm far too fucking skint to be able to afford to get a coach home, let alone go to a festival. Which obviously is bad times, if not just because I hope to achieve my aim of going to more festivals each year than I attended in the one previous. 2007, my first year of festivalling, saw 3 (Latitude, Secret Garden, Reading). 2008, 6 (Camden Crawl, Glasto, Oxegen, Standon Calling, Reading, Concrete & Glass)... so the aim for 2009 is at least 7. How the fuck am I going to manage that on no money? Simple - WORK. So I've signed up for Oxfam stewarding at Glasto (I'm willing to bribe people to swap shifts so I don't miss Blur) and Reading (I've got a feeling working here will make me feel even older than I felt last year, damn 16 year olds). I'm considering applying to work at Isle of Wight and Secret Garden too. So that's four already! I'm hoping press passes/guestlist can be obtained for a further three, fingers crossed.

In other-publication news, the newest issue of Kruger came out on Tuesday. Its been relaunched in a new format (bigger and better), with new regular features and is now bi-monthly. Wicked. Its still free, and includes a feature on the Soft Pack, amongst other exciting things, written by yours truly. Thursday also saw the new issue of Disorder hitting the shelves, which I haven't seen as yet, but has N-Dubz on the cover. I want to know what's going on there, to be honest. Its not free but it is hella good, and features me fawning over Frederick Blood-Royale in a very obvious manner. Oops.

Otherwise, we've been listening to new albums from Micachu, The Rakes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and sporadically HypeM-ing Little Boots, La Roux (still not entirely sure what to make of either of those) and Golden Silvers. Following last night's utterly ridiculous episode of Skins, Maps' We Can Create has also found its way back on to the stereo, whilst I sat reeling from the fact I haven't had a Skins-induced emotional breakdown for the past two episodes. I think the key is to not drink copious amounts of cheap vodka whilst watching it, to be fair.

Anyway, I have a mammoth cleaning task to execute now. I've been sleeping on the floor lately, cos I'm too lazy to move things off my bed. Probably should sort that situation out, like. So ta-ra, RaG readers. Wishing you good weekends an'that,

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