Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Gaslight

Alright lovers?
RaG spend pretty much every week counting down the days til Sunday. It's the new Friday, y'know. Of late, we've been spending our Sunday evenings in our respective homes longing for our regular folk&blues entertainment to be returned to us and, at long last, it has. Hurrah!
The Gaslight is a lush as night of acoustic wonderment, hosted by our fine acquaintance, Mr Kieran Leonard (who always delights our ears with his beautiful and often dark poetic tales of love and all that sort of thing, as well as fulfilling his compereing role in a frankly delectable manner), held from this Sunday onwards at the Hideaway on Junction Road - just a few minutes walk from Archway underground station. Those of you who attended the night at its former home, The Wishing Well in Hornsey, may have caught some of the following performing (and those of you who didn't missed out on...): Billy Bragg, New Rhodes, Anthony Love, Grainne O'Neill, King Dog... plus more other delightful musicians and wordsmiths.
For the relaunch, The Gaslight welcomes Babyshambles' bassist, Helsinki frontman and Mongrel founder Drew McConnell to add some extra value for money to the already-totally-bargain-tastic £2 entry fee. Come down, show some love, let's stop there before I start quoting The Feeling at you...
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